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England Industrial Airpark and Community, located northwest of Alexandria, Louisiana, traces its beginnings back to 1939, when it served as an emergency airstrip for Esler Field, the regional airport serving the central Louisiana area. However, as the possibility of war in Europe increased, the Army Air Corps leased the facility from the City of Alexandria. The airfield was named Alexandria Army Air Base.

Early in 1946, the base was placed in a standby status eventually being turned over to the City of Alexandria for use as a municipal airport. With the outbreak of hostilities in Korea, the base was reactivated as Alexandria Air Force Base in 1950. In June 1955, the base was officially named England Air Force Base in honor of Lt. Col. John B. England, who had been commander of the 389th Bomber Squadron at the base.

Squadrons deployed from England Air Force Base to the Korean War, Vietnam War and the Gulf War. The facility was permanently closed by the Department of Defense on December 15, 1992, and began its transition to civilian reuse as England Industrial Airpark and Community.

Working together, the central Louisiana community has redeveloped the former military facility into a vibrant multimodal commerce center and community. Located onsite are the Alexandria International Airport (AEX), numerous office and warehouse facilities, Audubon Trail golf course, retirement community, general housing and a Head Start school. With robust air connections, interstate highway connectivity, onsite rail and water access, England Industrial Airpark is designed to meet the most demanding transportation needs. An outstanding workforce, great incentives and Foreign Trade Zone availability complete the development package.

As for business—local, national and international commerce is booming. Its close proximity to Interstate 49 and the Central Louisiana Regional Port, as well as access to AEX allows companies to easily transport goods and materials to clients around the world.

Looking for a new location for a large manufacturing plant? A 1500+ acre certified, Heavy Industrial Mega Site (two contiguous sites) is available for new industry.

Even with the myriad of existing businesses, industries, housing and quality of life venues, England Airpark has many more open buildings and spaces available so that it can continue to grow.

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