The Central Louisiana Regional Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business at the local, state and federal levels of government. The Chamber is committed to advancing pro-business policies to enhance regional and state competitiveness and is opposed to tax increases that hinder businesses’ ability to grow, invest and create jobs. The Chamber president and community leaders deliver a Federal Legislative Agenda and brief members of Congress early in the year on issues of concern to our region and garner their support for pro-growth initiatives. Follow up meetings occur throughout the year with the Louisiana delegation.

Federal Issues:

  • Fort Polk
  • Regulatory Relief for Business, Industry, Energy Sectors
  • Trade Policy
  • Infrastructure Investment

The Gulf Coast Strategic Highway System, also known as I-14, is a one of the Chamber’s top priorities. This is a long-term initiative that addresses future highway and transportation needs. It will also connect U.S. Army facilities from West Texas to Georgia.